Organic Body Care Recipes

I purchased Organic Body Care Recipes when I set up my business making natural soap and skincare. It’s a big book and there is so much information in it and it has lots of illustrations.

There’s a lot of background information in the book which covers skin care and the type of skin you have plus recommendations on which are the best products to use. It also goes a little bit into nutrition and the way that can affect your skin.

There is also plenty of data of the different ingredients used in natural skincare. Some of the ingredients such as borax aren’t really used in the UK and are a bit suspect so you may need to do a bit more research before following some of the recipes.

One thing you need to know if you are considering buying this book is that many ‘recipes’ are not what I would call recipes. There are many instances when you are ‘told’ to add fragrances/oils to pre-bought products such as baby shampoo. I did actually know this before I purchased the book but it was still worth the cost because of the other actual recipes that are in here.

Most of the ingredients are easy to obtain but none of the sources mentioned are UK based, which I am. This isn’t a problem though if you do a little online research.

I bought this as a beginner and it’s still really useful to me several years later. Recommend for anybody interested in making natural products.

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