VonShef Stand Mixer, 5.5 Litre

To start let me say that we’ve only ever owned one of those hand held blender things in our house before now, so when we received the opportunity to purchase this wee beastie, I in particular jumped at the chance. (After all it’s me that usually gets stuck with the job whenever there’s any heavy or prolonged mixing involved.)First impression was whoa that’s big, with the bowl fitted it measures 16”long x 15”high x 9.5”wide that’s inches, we’re old school in our house, so maybe not one for anybody with a very small kitchen, or limited cupboard or worktop space.

The mixer itself looks really sleek so should be a doddle to keep clean, to that end it comes with a neat splash guard for the bowl which is easily fitted, and incorporates a lidded opening for adding additional ingredients while mixing is in progress.

The bowl is huge it is 5.5 litre capacity that’s nine and a half pints in English, (told you we were old school), it slots snugly into the base and secures with a quarter turn, it’s made of stainless steel so is dishwasher safe, word of warning here!.. I don’t think this is the case with the dough hook, or the flat beater attachments, as these look very much to me like they are made out of die cast aluminium, I would say that the balloon whisk, which is the only other accessory should be ok as this appears to be steel, (at least it reacts to a magnet so it’s definitely not ally).

At 1200watts there shouldn’t be any problems about power, we’ve not had any issues at all (though admittedly we’ve not done anything really heavy up to now). Time will tell I suppose?

Now for the 64 million dollar question is it value for money? This I’m afraid I cannot answer as I have never had anything of its like to compare it with.

Do I think it is a good machine? In my view most definitely.

How would I rate it? For me five stars. Others may differ.

If this review seems a little too good to be true I apologise, but I have given you my honest opinion, and as I have said already I have no comparisons.

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