Flashlight, iTECHOR Water Resistant Super Bright 800 Lumens 3-Mode LED Zoomable Flashlight Torch

What can I say about this torch, firstly on looks alone this is worth the money, it really does look the biz! Chunky black anodised aluminium construction throughout, a decent spring clip for attaching to a belt, and a wrist lanyard, a definite plus point, at least to anyone who’s ever mislaid a torch in the undergrowth on a camping trip.

This all adds up at least to my mind, to a seriously decent bit of kit for the money, and this is before I switched it on, once I had switched it on, after it had gotten dark enough to make a proper appraisal, again I was pretty impressed it does give out a good amount of light, both on the narrow penetrating beam where it easily lit up the gate at the bottom of our back garden, a good 25 metres away, and on the flood light where it lit up most of the garden itself all be it with a more diffused light.

All in all a decent replacement for my mini Maglite, which finally gave up the ghost after years of faithful service, due in no small part to my own stupidity,(left the batteries in it too long and they leaked corroding all the innards.) If there is a down side to this torch I think it will be the weather-proofing, the rubber O-ring sealing the battery cap looks to be a bit flimsy especially compared to my old Maglite, and I can’t make out how they’ve sealed the beam adjustment ring, also I think the covering over the on off switch may wear through quite quickly.

These though are only my surmising’s and as with anything else only time will tell, for now I am well pleased with the purchase.

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