Organic Body Care Recipes

I purchased Organic Body Care Recipes when I set up my business making natural soap and skincare. It’s a big book and there is so much information in it and it has lots of illustrations.

There’s a lot of background information in the book which covers skin care and the type of skin you have plus recommendations on which are the best products to use. It also goes a little bit into nutrition and the way that can affect your skin.

There is also plenty of data of the different ingredients used in natural skincare. Some of the ingredients such as borax aren’t really used in the UK and are a bit suspect so you may need to do a bit more research before following some of the recipes.

One thing you need to know if you are considering buying this book is that many ‘recipes’ are not what I would call recipes. There are many instances when you are ‘told’ to add fragrances/oils to pre-bought products such as baby shampoo. I did actually know this before I purchased the book but it was still worth the cost because of the other actual recipes that are in here.

Most of the ingredients are easy to obtain but none of the sources mentioned are UK based, which I am. This isn’t a problem though if you do a little online research.

I bought this as a beginner and it’s still really useful to me several years later. Recommend for anybody interested in making natural products.

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Aromatherapy, Blends and Remedies (Thorsons Aromatherapy Series)

If you are new to essential oils then this book could be exactly what you are looking for. Aromatherapy, Blends and Remedies is the perfect book to own if you are interested in knowing more about the subject.

The book includes a list of 60 essential oils and over 800 recipes, perfect for a beginner. There are recipes for a lot of different complaints and it also has special recipes for pregnancy, for men, for massages and general body care amongst others. Many of the recipes include an alternative oil that you can use if you don’t have the one you need.

Written by Franzesca Watson who has over 25 years’ experience as an aroma therapist. She breaks down each oil, telling what uses it has and how it affects certain areas of the body. She also lists the botanical name of each plant and also the method by which the oil is extracted plus the colour, odour and any precautions you would need to take, if any, when using it.

It was an invaluable resource in my soap and skincare making business. I would highly recommend it.

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Amazon Vouchers For Watching Videos

I’ve had a bit more time to watch the video’s recently and I’ve also done a few surveys and joined a couple of bingo sites (more on that soon). This has meant my points have jumped up quickly and I’m almost at £50 🙂


This is the link if anyone is interested in joining Free Amazon Vouchers 

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Artemis Fowl – Eoin Colfer

This is what my 10 year old said about Artemis Fowl
. “I love this book! I’m 10 years old and I don’t read much but this book is AMAZING!!!”

Both my wife and myself have also read the books, well the first 6 in the series plus other Eoin Colfer books. He is a fantastic author for children/young adults who like a bit of adventure and fantasy in their books.

We are going to give her The Wish List to read after she has finished the Artemis Fowl series.

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Nectar Update

Nectar have now stopped the video programme.

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Amazon Vouchers

I have started a new Amazon voucher and it has taken 2 weeks to get to here as I’ve had virtually no time to watch the videos.


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Free Amazon Vouchers

As we are trying to save every penny we can towards moving I am collecting free amazon vouchers  to help towards Christmas. Other vouchers are available such as ISOS, Starbucks, iTunes and others.

I’ve managed to collect £15 worth in 3 weeks, not a lot but they certainly add up.  They will cover a couple of games for my 9 year olds DS for Christmas.

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